Fabric, Leather & Vinyl Repair

Amato Furniture also specializes in the restoration of fabric, leather and vinyl furniture. Either at your premises or ours, we can eliminate scratches and restore the original luster of leather. Our team of certified leather couch repair professionals can bring our workshop to you and restore tears, scratches, burn marks, stains, or fading. We can also restore seams, replace parts, and restore the color in virtually any piece of furniture.

Leather Cleaning
Did you know that leather is created by nature and preserved with a tanner? That’s why it’s considered superior to any other man-made material and must be carefully preserved in order to maintain its elegance. Leather holds such a high value because of its beauty, comfort, durability, and flexibility

One of the best ways to maintain your furniture’s leather is to have it cleaned and conditioned regularly. That’s where we come in! Amato Furniture offers on-site cleaning of your leather furniture. We then condition the furniture with our proprietary conditioner that’s specially formulated to perfectly maintain and preserve it for years to come!