Furniture Repair

The old, worn, uncomfortable and unattractive furniture that has been in your office or home for years can be delivered back to looking and feeling brand new, courtesy of the Amato team.

Furniture loses its usefulness when you can’t stand to look at it, but you don’t necessarily need to replace it to regain the use of your favorite piece. Whether fabric, leather or vinyl, Amato’s workmanship and pride are apparent in the finished product with a meticulous fit and attention to detail.

Amato Repairs It Because Replacement is Expensive
Furniture is exposed to a lot of wear and tear. Everyday use can quickly deteriorate its overall appearance and in time, its usability. The replacement of chairs, desks, and couches can be very costly. However, restoration and repair by Amato Furniture offers a much more economical alternative.

Amato Furniture offers full-service restoration and refinishing of all kinds of furniture. Worn, torn, ripped, damaged or faded couches, chairs, and sofas can be restored by Amato Furniture. Burns, stains, holes, and cuts can also be renewed. The team at Amato works diligently to assess the furniture’s defects and restores the function of the piece. All furniture is hand stripped, repaired, and custom finished.

We Disassemble and Then We Assemble
From disassembly to assembly, the staff at Amato Furniture will stay with your project and make sure you are satisfied with the craftsmanship and finished product.